Saturday, May 30, 2009

older oubliette

oubliette - abhorrence cdr - 2006 tanz procesz label

oubliette - abhorrence cdr

oubliette - a grey clyo winter cdr out on cut hands label 2007

oubliette - a grey clyo winter cdr


only one-a these guys i know is newton, he runs BREATHMINT
FUN - plays SPORTS by huey lewis and the news cdr

RUBBISH is prolly the most "hated" jerk on the boards, rad dude good noise
this file is a few things he just sent over, 4 short lo-fi jams
RUBBISH 4 tracks

my favorite video game soundtrack, CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT IT
castlevania iii soundtrack


Friday, May 29, 2009


this score will always haunt me

cannibal holocaust soundtrack

gainsville FL, mr. cassettes-player dj
ironing - let's fucking go cdr


this is self released i think, two man blast noise
my [left] uterus - 2009 tour cdr

m[l]u - website

sweet nothing - oubliette demo

two releases on Lowest Fidelity

sweet nothing - simple pennsylvania fold cdr

sweet nothing - pacing caged angels cdr

two oubliette "demos"
tracks to be used for collaboration with DAN of EXBX TAPES

oubliette 1

oubliette 2