Tuesday, February 19, 2013

source material OUBLIETTE download

 please download and use as your source material;  they sound fine as stand alone tracks but very repetitive


Monday, June 11, 2012

Newton Recycled & oubliette new cs


*3 rips from the Newton - Recycled tape out on obelisksounds soon

*one oubliette track from a tape to come out on Blossing Noise soon

*one unreleased oubliette track

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

oubliette "untitled" C32 NEW


email me at themangledhand at gmail dot com 
for a copy of my newest tape  approx. 5 bucks or make me an offer

OUBLIETTE untitled c32  on beartownrecords

*sample on their site

Friday, August 12, 2011


bear town records

OUBLIETTE makes his debut on Beartown with a freshly chopped block of good ole fashioned gutter-pop. Spiralling out of control from the word go,STILGAR sees the listener taken on a break-neck, break-brain speed journey through the outer reaches of the noise-compisition-o-sphere. Ear-bleed metallic crashes and hyperspeed mumbo-jumno incantations blend and merge, only ceasing to allow echoing washes of FM radio through.
Elsewhere, DEEPER is the endlessly expressing brain in a jar turning his hand to passionate psycho sing-along. Somewhere in the distance is music box twinkle of a burning ice cream van, or the last tragic movement by a long forgotten robot orchestra, left to rot and rust on some damned wind swept abyss.

4 tracks over 2 sides of 1 tape. 4 reasons not 2 bother with any 1. Track list - A1 Morning Pool, A2 Stilgar, B1 Deeper, B2 Wet Moss.

Edition of 49. With green tapes and monochromatic artwork on textured paper.

bear town records

Friday, May 27, 2011


from an upcoming split on Tired Sounds

excerpt ~2 minutes

Monday, January 24, 2011

tol brandir

ROB of St. Pete FL uploaded oubliette - tol brandir cs.
[which was released on his label SPIN]


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


a nice VANGELIS album


Thursday, December 9, 2010

oubliette - blue rupies

one track from the split with Gem of Skin

oubliette - blue rupies

Friday, November 26, 2010

oubliette / mikhail lezin - net release split

[Mikhail Lezin / Oubliette - Schizophyllum]

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

one track that i just sent to some Russian guy for a net-release i guess,
but you can go ahead and download it now [OUBLIETTE - FUTANARI]

i have "another version" of this track w/ a "sample" layed over it, this is the og. recording [...]

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

oubliette - glass lake 3"cdr


oubliette - glass lake 3"cdr

Hallowe'en / Fall - mix 2010

Hallowe'en / Fall - mix 2010

01 castlevania IV - snes - stage 1-2 'theme of simon belmont'
02 misfits - spook city USA
03 alien sex fiend - she's a killer
04 philip glass - candyman - face to razor
05 fabio frizzi - the beyond - voices from the beyond
06 bauhaus - hollow hills
07 seth oubliette - organ creep (demo)
08 moonspell - lua d'inverno
09 bethlehem - schatten aus der alexander welt
10 samhain - the howl
11 carnival of souls - track 29
12 joy division - day of the lords
13 misfits - death comes riping
14 john carpenter - halloween - he came home
15 the skeletal family - she cries alone

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

savannah river

Tuckasee King landing, Savannah River, Effingham County, Clyo, Georgia





barber (75)

barber (4)

barber (81)



Sunday, June 20, 2010

oubliette - fresh water

free single, use it for a comp. if you want

Friday, March 26, 2010

ALIVE comp.

out soon, in a month or two, will be the compilation ALIVE C-92 cass.

these are live tracks, recorded by seth, from shows oubliette played or attended
it will feature several collabs. between seth o. & jeff z.
also: god willing, lazy magnet, aurolac, val allen, haves&thirds, jeff zagers/rock band, byron house

you know, mostly acts associated with the INC scene, east coast, or Tampa Fl.


Licking our wounds

The devil bite's dirty

Reckoning we'll taste

We wax and we wane


UNFOLDED only out of the folds of the
woman, man comes unfolded, and is always
to come unfolded,

Unfolded only out of the superbest woman of the
earth is to come the superbest man of the

Unfolded out of the friendliest woman is to come
the friendliest man,

Unfolded only out of the perfect body of a
woman, can a man be formed of perfect body,

Unfolded only out of the inimitable poem of
the woman can come the poems of man —
only thence have my poems come,

Unfolded out of the strong and arrogant woman
I love, only thence can appear the strong
and arrogant man I love,

Unfolded by brawny embraces from the well-
muscled woman I love, only thence come the
brawny embraces of the man,

Unfolded out of the folds of the woman's brain,
come all the folds of the man's brain, duly

Unfolded out of the justice of the woman, all jus-
tice is unfolded,

Unfolded out of the sympathy of the woman is all

A man is a great thing upon the earth, and
through eternity—but every jot of the great-
ness of man is unfolded out of woman,

First the man is shaped in the woman, he can
then be shaped in himself.

Monday, March 15, 2010

INC 2010

photo by andrew chadwick

Monday, January 11, 2010

these files were from a house show in Savannah, last summer


lazy magnet

rock banned

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I. old comp put out by Rick Weaver of New Flesh fame Human Conduct records

VA peasant goblet vol 1.

II. unreleased 'album' by UNION CAMP, will probably be released by obelisk sounds or mutual deterioration society, U.C. is a four piece "man-band" for the noise-world, no-boys-allowed

UNON CAMP july 09 jeff's house 40th street

III. Form A Log is Noah from Social Junk, Ren from God Willing/Mercy Light etc., & Rick of The New Flesh playing cassettes and 4-tracks along with a large dose of 'consumption' [also released by Human Conduct]

form a log - logged and loaded CS 2009

IV. for the Harsh Heads:

torturing nurse & brutal orgasm - split cassette

V. Newton runs the Breathmint label, check it if you need to here; Newton likes the Misfits, Sonic Youth & WEED

NEWTON - unhuman CS

NEWTON - subhuman CS

VI. Also out on Breathmint, i do not feel like describing it, HERE

morally gray with god willing plays morally grey CS

fall/halloween mix

halloween/fall - mix cdr

halloween soundtrack,
misfits, bethlehem,
45 grave, dark throne,
bauhaus, cocteau twins,
13 ghosts, david bowie,
philip glass,
cannibal holocaust soundtrack,
samhain, carnival of souls soundtrack,
siouxie and the banshees

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Warm-Up Act

second half of a "jam"

we are a warm up band,
killing time 'til the "good" bands get here

warm-up act

Jeff Zagers - Seth Stafford

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GAYBOMB recycled cassette

just finished the new GAYBOMB recycled cassette
out on obelisk sounds

download one track here:

contact me if you want one
andrew will have his copies shortly


jeff zagers audioblog


jeff zagers
rock banned
noche rider
space knights

et cetera

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OUBLIETTE "Tol Brandir" c21

s.p.i.n. released this, trade him for a copy, or contact me: themangledhand at gmail.com

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


cybele collins is BLUE SHIFT, a classical renaissance lady, musician/illustrator, named after a deity, Carlos G. plays drums on a few of the tracks

blue shift myspace
night people recordings


UNION CAMP & 2 MONSTERS are the newest bands of Seth Oubliette and Jeff Zagers [rock banned/noche rider/space knights etc.] & seth's pals TONY + DAVE

these are tony and dave's first "noise bands" ; south-east GA represent

2 monsters is seth/tony [dave helps on this demo] 2 large angry southern gents.
union camp is all four of us live but jeff is only on the last track for this demo


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

crash worship - the science of ecstasy [c30 !alarma! 1989]

i know nothing about this band really
i play them once or twice a year and they are great

that sixies guy was in the band later on, right?

philip glass - CANDYMAN soundtrack

this one has been really extra nice to me the past week

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this was SW's 1st tour & WYD?'s "hippie phase"

what's YR damage? / skeleton warrior / mr. transylvania TOUR CDR

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

two flyers made mr. Ryan Martin for a nice house show he did for me!

sort of silly to post audio of a LRS set ...
this was my first time seeing them despite the date of 2006

laundryroom squelchers - live at st.noise 2006 jacksonville florida


just found this online Laundry Room Squelchers Live at INC Seoul, 9/20



Sunday, June 21, 2009

cross-posted from stay away from ghosts's blog

recent live sets from touring acts recorded at the Green Room
SMALL POX 6.11.2009

BIG + TALL 6.11.2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

this was a 3"cdr on a small Florida label called
Bored Weapons aka Bored Tapes

it came with "black metal" inserts i stole from a NS zine

the last track has oubliette trying to do track dedicated to Funn 0)))
i wonder what band he was "ripping off" ?

oubliette - sex dreams 3"cdr

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

val allen & zach are AUROLAC + oubliette
live on the street SAVANNAH GA 06.16.2007
aurolac & oubliette

Monday, June 1, 2009


oubliette - grey marathon [2006-2007?]
is an hour long, harsh noise wall, recorded for maison brute
[vomir, ecoute la merde, etc.]

this is a WAV so it is a HUGE file, sorry

oubliette - grey marathon


bruised member is a C20 released by Basement Tapes in 2006 i think
oubliette - bruised member


mitochondrion was released in 2006, a C10, by Hate State ran by miss Eva-Kevin Shields

oubliette - mitochondrion

Saturday, May 30, 2009

older oubliette

oubliette - abhorrence cdr - 2006 tanz procesz label

oubliette - abhorrence cdr

oubliette - a grey clyo winter cdr out on cut hands label 2007

oubliette - a grey clyo winter cdr


only one-a these guys i know is newton, he runs BREATHMINT
FUN - plays SPORTS by huey lewis and the news cdr

RUBBISH is prolly the most "hated" jerk on the boards, rad dude good noise
this file is a few things he just sent over, 4 short lo-fi jams
RUBBISH 4 tracks

my favorite video game soundtrack, CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT IT
castlevania iii soundtrack


Friday, May 29, 2009


this score will always haunt me

cannibal holocaust soundtrack

gainsville FL, mr. cassettes-player dj
ironing - let's fucking go cdr


this is self released i think, two man blast noise
my [left] uterus - 2009 tour cdr

m[l]u - website

sweet nothing - oubliette demo

two releases on Lowest Fidelity

sweet nothing - simple pennsylvania fold cdr

sweet nothing - pacing caged angels cdr

two oubliette "demos"
tracks to be used for collaboration with DAN of EXBX TAPES

oubliette 1

oubliette 2