Friday, August 12, 2011


bear town records

OUBLIETTE makes his debut on Beartown with a freshly chopped block of good ole fashioned gutter-pop. Spiralling out of control from the word go,STILGAR sees the listener taken on a break-neck, break-brain speed journey through the outer reaches of the noise-compisition-o-sphere. Ear-bleed metallic crashes and hyperspeed mumbo-jumno incantations blend and merge, only ceasing to allow echoing washes of FM radio through.
Elsewhere, DEEPER is the endlessly expressing brain in a jar turning his hand to passionate psycho sing-along. Somewhere in the distance is music box twinkle of a burning ice cream van, or the last tragic movement by a long forgotten robot orchestra, left to rot and rust on some damned wind swept abyss.

4 tracks over 2 sides of 1 tape. 4 reasons not 2 bother with any 1. Track list - A1 Morning Pool, A2 Stilgar, B1 Deeper, B2 Wet Moss.

Edition of 49. With green tapes and monochromatic artwork on textured paper.

bear town records

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